Stork Montgomery LLC is a business that helps you and your company promote your products/services, through the use of video, to publish quality content that is available 24/7.

Over the last 16 years, Stork has conducted over 280 interviews, giving him the experience to effectively deliver your ideas and brand your content.

We also have the ability to broadcast LIVE on Facebook and create a unique web page link to deliver your message.

We add value and loyalty to your marketing campaign by putting a ribbon around your message.

We can change your direction to solve problems.

Sample ideas of information that can be communicated.

  1. Company Infomercial.
  2. New Product Launch.
  3. Upcoming Convention, Tradeshow, Networking or Seminar
  Event. Whether you are promoting the event or working the event both apply.
  4. Promotional video for prospective employees.
  5. New service offered.
  6. Seeking to sell luxury suites, weddings or corporate outings at your venue.
  7. Marketing updates or changes going on at your venue.
  8. Your main objective or goal you need to complete by the end of 2018.
  9. Employee profiles.
10. Updates about projects going on in your company.
11. Video Newsletter
12. Message to your Employees
13. Message to your Customers
14. Advice Videos giving thoughts to your customers on things they should know before they chase their idea.

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